• The power of Rouservention has gone all the way from Manila to Talisay last October 6, 2018! The Rouser riders of Manila rode as one from the Head Office of Kawasaki Motors Philippines to Talisay where they got the chance to enjoy the view of Taal during the ride.


    During the ride, they were able to have a stop over at the Ligaya Drive View Deck to have a feel of the cool breeze. And for their main destination, they were able to enjoy a sumptuous meal in Milan’s Native Food & Grill.


    However, having a meal with each other wasn’t the only thing that was done in the main destination. The Rouser bikes of the riders were put into test as they conducted games such as slow drag. Also, the endurance of the riders was also shown through different games and activities.


    Every one went home with much satisfaction not only because of the ride but also because of the freebies that were given away to them and the feeling of camaraderie they once again shared with each other during this ride.


    For more updates with regards the thrilling adventures of the Rouservention, keep posted only here in the Kawasaki Philippines website!