• Last October 20, 2018, our Kapampangan Riders were able to experience an exciting ride at the 6th leg of Rouservention! They were able to traverse through the different towns of Pampanga to go to the province of Zambales where Subic is located.


    To be able rest after few hours of riding, they stopped over at Aicaca, Lubao to have refreshments and a little fun and games. There was a slalom race to test the power of their Rousers and the skills of our riders, and of course other fun activities.


    Right after the riders have rested, they then went straight to the Subic Bay View where they were able to see the Hellship Memorial. This memorial in Subic commemorates the ships that were used by the Japanese during the World War II.


    And for the last destination of this pocket road tour, our riders were treated for lunch with an amazing view of the sea of Subic at By the Sea Resort Hotel. A short preventive maintenance by Kawasaki’s Service-QA was also conducted to give our riders tips on how they can maintain their Rousers at the best condition.


    Of course, the ride didn’t end with some freebies, giveaways, and the most important, photos to be kept as memories for this amazing ride!


    Where will Rouservention head next? Keep posted here in the Kawasaki Website to know more!